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Our mission is to help build positive self-esteem in people by reaching out and providing them with quality hairdressing and footwear within the community and to actively participate in other organizations supporting human kindness.

I’m a proud, loving father of three young men and a husband of 15yrs. I have provided services in the behavioral health field for over 16 years now. 

I have enjoyed many positions throughout the years, such as a group home manager, parent aide, and Behavioral Health Technician.

I have served individuals in level I and II facilities, crisis, inpatient, and outpatient treatment centers. I have also had the pleasure to serve those with special needs and severe mental illness. I currently enjoy providing services as a Medical case manager in a dual diagnosis facility.

While working in a group home in early 2005 as a staff member, I was upset to see the young men not getting enough services on a regular basis, like haircuts and footwear to help maintain their image and positive self-esteem. 

During this time, I saw first-hand on how cruel someone could be. I saw fights, bullying, teasing, and ostracization as a direct result of simply just not having enough.

It truly broke my heart to see these young men struggle to maintain their self-esteem and image. I knew then that something had to be done to help.

As a young man myself, I personally would find those issue hard to deal with on a daily basis and I don’t think anyone should have to endure being teased for their appearances.

So I thought if I could help someone feel good about themselves then maybe, that person might be able to benefit from their positive self-esteem in so many ways physically, mentally, and socially.

I was able to provide the boys with some basic haircuts for free and some slightly used footwear collected from friends and family.

It was an amazing feeling just seeing the smiles on their faces and to see them change their behavior after a fresh cut and some sneakers. Kicks and Cuts had begun and I didn’t even know it, Priceless!

My experience has always been this, I have always enjoyed helping others and seeing others be well. I have always felt good after a fresh new cut and some new shoes, my confidence was always high and I believe this goes the same for many of us today.

This is what KicksandCuts.org strives to do, MAKE OTHERS FEEL GOOD about who they are, by “Building positive self-esteem from Head to Toe” with the simple gestures of giving.

Thank you to all the amazing people that have, throughout the years to make this possible.

CEO & Founder

Khambrel Pittman


“It truly broke my heart to see these young men struggle to maintain their self-esteem and image. I knew then that something had to be done to help.”

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It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

-Frederick Douglass

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